Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's All Good

I have some catching up to do...

A LOT of walking, physical therapy, and yoga throughout February, in Florida. Physical therapy finished up, but I am to do all the exercises on my own, which I WAS doing... until coming to L.A. to visit my pregnant daughter and her husband. She's 18 weeks and I got to go with them to the ultrasound appointment and... it's a boy! We've been baby shopping and having LOTS of fun!

I was in Wisconsin all of last week; not terribly cold, and I did get out a couple days for some walking, but mostly I spent time on the elliptical. The hip/leg are somewhat better. I didn't realize just how bad my hip was. Just running a few miles, the other muscles take over and can handle it, but jack up the mileage (like I was doing), and everything breaks down. The specific exercises I did (and am supposed to continue), plus the yoga, really show me where I am weak, and thus what I need to work on.

So, it's all good. Being balanced is soooo important--that is what I am learning.

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