Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Back - Synovial Chondromatosis

It's back. The disease is back. The surgeon told me not to worry, it wouldn't come back, very unlikely to come back.

My hip and leg have been getting worse over the months instead of better, so I finally went back to the ortho doctors. They thought it might be coming from my lower back, had an MRI--no, not my back. I had an MR arthrogram a couple weeks ago... wasn't very hopeful of anything showing up because nothing did the last time. But there it was.

From what I understand now, this thing is like cancer (though not cancer--it's a benign condition) in that if you don't get it all, if there are still cells left, it can come back.

It's not as far along this time, but I still can't run.. I mean really run. I've been trying to get my mileage up and run a little faster, but whenever I do, I start to break down... And now it's hurting all the time.

So, I'm looking at arthroscopic surgery again. Hopefully they'll get it all this time.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sara's Marathon Debut - 3:17!!

Sara had a wonderful first marathon... weather cooperated, everything went well till mile 21, when her hamstring knotted up and slowed her for a few miles.  But she finished strong and is already looking at what she will do differently for her next marathon!

Sara's Miami Marathon Finish - 18th woman overall, 4th in her age group (For some reason, I couldn't get the sound..  don't know why)

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