Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Love My Huaraches!

I ordered another pair of huaraches (the kit--to make them myself) from Steven's Invisible Shoe--black laces this time.  I wear these things all the time now, not just running.  I REALLY like them!  I still don't do too much running on pavement--still need healing time on my hip/leg.  But I feel it is getting better...  slowly.

I have been getting some beach running in also--my very FAVORITE place to run!  Sunday morning, we took my eighteen-month-old grandson Jack to the beach, and he and Grandma RAN on the beach together!  So fun--he was just giggling and laughing.  I want to get some video of that and post it.  But here is Jack...

...having a "refreshment" after running on the beach!

Monday, May 3, 2010

American Men's 10k Record Smashed by Chris Solinsky - 26:59!!

You gotta watch this--I got goose bumps at the end watching Chris Solinsky just take off and power his way to the finish!  Enjoy!

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