Sunday, October 30, 2011

US Army Lt Chad Ware Wins Marine Corps Men's Race, Tezata Dengersa Takes the Women's Title

From The Washington Times (  On a sunny but cold Sunday morning, the Marine Corps Marathon had some surprises in store.  Chad Ware, 27, surprised everyone but mostly himself with a 2:19:16 finish for the win.  No one has run that fast at Marine Corps since 1997.  Before today, Ware, who has been running since he was 17, ran his fastest marathon in Chicago 2009, with a time of 2:20:47, but stomach issues have plagued him throughout his marathon career.  He says that he almost did not run a fall marathon because of his stomach problems.

                                                    Army Lt Chad Ware Wins Marine Corps
Ware also says that it has been a dream of his to qualify for the US Olympic Marathon Trials (men's qualifying time is 2:19 or better), not thinking that today would be that day.  But he stayed on pace with the lead group through the halfway mark, and by 19 miles broke away from two top Ethiopians, Emiru Mekonnen and Temesgen Ilanso, going on to the 2:19:16 win.

Tezata Dengersa, born in Ethiopia but a citizen of Turkey, won in the women's race in 2:45; that's after winning the Army 10-Miler earlier this month, AND winning the Baltimore Marathon two weeks ago in a time of 2:37.  She's thinking of running Richmond in two weeks, or Philadelphia in three.

Former Marine, comedian, and "Price is Right" host Drew Carey ran his first marathon with hopes of breaking four hours, but had problems with his quads cramping up around 15 miles and finished in 4:37...   still a respectable time for a first marathon..   and he says he'll be back!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upcoming Marathon - Marine Corps

This Sunday, October 30, will be the 36th running of the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.  I have not run this one, but friends who have say it's pretty special.  Called "The People's Marathon" (it is said to be the largest marathon that does not offer prize money), they take you by site-seeing favorites such as the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, Georgetown...    and Marines man the aid stations for added spectator support.  They tell me the course is quite hilly with an extremely steep hill just before the finish.  Always a popular race, this year they have around 30,000 entrants. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Girl in the Photo - Amputee Sprinter Aimee Mullins

This morning, as I was looking at the photo I posted last night of the woman running on the beach, I decided to try to find out who it was...

It is sprinter, long-jumper, model, actress Aimee Mullins, shown here in a Sports Illustrated article about her (

I saw her in artist Matthew Barney's Cremaster 3 film in 2002 at NYC's Guggenheim Museum.

                                                         Aimee with Matthew Barney

Here she is in a 1998 interview with TED (though not shown by TED until 2009):

A gifted athlete and extraordinary woman...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Young Women with Big Dreams

Here's a short and sweet video showcasing several young women who are training for the 2012 U.S. Women's Marathon Olympic Trials.  I like the comment by coach Jenny Hadfield, "The advice I would give to elite female runners is, to run with the boys but train like a girl."

You go, girls!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Road Running Etiquette

With the weekend coming up, runners training for fall/winter marathons will be out again in full force early Saturday and Sunday mornings.  And I just want to say something here.

For the past several weeks, I've been out on my bike with my runners as they do their long runs, and I am seeing some rude runner behavior out there.  I'm talking about those groups of runners, or even just two or three, that take up the whole running path and don't move to their side when you're coming from the other direction, forcing you to jump off the path.  If you didn't, they would plow right into you!  People can get into this herd mentality when they're in groups, and just not think about what they're doing.  So, please, runner groups, when approaching a runner coming from the opposite direction, MOVE OVER!  Share the path!

                                            Here they come...

Another peeve of mine is seeing used gel packets on the ground or around the water stops.  Runners, please throw your garbage in the waste receptacle.  If there isn't one nearby, put it in your shorts key pocket to throw away when you can.

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last Night's HBO Real Sports' "Obsessive Runners"

Did you watch it?

It was interesting...   though I think these kind of TV interviews are too short and opinionated to show what the person is really about.  But on the other hand, it might spark an interest in looking further into the person or the subject (which it usually does for me),  so I think they are worthwhile.

Raven says he began running out of anger; as a songwriter back in the 70's, something happened to really piss him off and a friend told him to run and he'd feel better... and it made him feel so much better that he eventually made a deal with himself on January 1, 1975 to run eight miles every day that year.  Well, 37 years later...  he has a strict routine where he takes, I think it was, 20 steps outside his home to the sand (South Beach), at 5 pm every single day to start his run, running the exact same 8-mile route every day.  He also now has a following, quite a few people regularly run with him, and he has given each one a nickname, each of them knowing how many runs they have run with Raven.

      Raven in 2010

Catra Corbett, aka Dirt Diva, was addicted to speed and alcohol some years ago and credits ultrarunning for turning her life around.  Her thing is 100-milers.  She also likes tattoos, piercings, coloring her hair funky colors, and wearing running skirts (yay--I like running skirts!)  She has such a sense of gratitude for everything, yes everything, you can't help but be inspired by her and just love her!
                                              Catra Corbett

Marshall Ulrich..  where do you begin to talk about this ultrarunning legend?  He says he started running at age 30 when his wife died.

An ultrarunner, mountaineer, and adventure runner, Ulrich, now 58, has completed 123 ultramarathons (averaging over 100 miles/ultra), and has summited the highest mountain on each of the seven continents.  In 2008, he ran across the U.S., San Franscisco to New York City, 3,063.2 miles in 52 1/2 days--that's an average of 62 miles a day.  He's won the Badwater Ultra (run across Death Valley) four times, completed it 17 times, and done it solo--carrying all his gear, food, and water in a specially made cart he pulled behind him.

Ulrich gives motivational talks, and through his running has provided over $850,000 for non-profit charitable organizations.

                                            Marshall Ulrich - Solo Badwater

All three said in the interview that if they didn't do what they do they would die.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ultrarunners Catra Corbett and Marshall Ulrich on HBO's "Real Sports" Tonight

I'll be watching HBO's Real Sports' report on "Obsessive Runners" tonight at 10 pm.  They interview drug-addict-turned-ultrarunner Catra Corbett, ultrarunning legend Marshall Ulrich, and "Raven," a man who lives in South Beach and has run eight miles every day since 1975.

                                                  Catra Corbett
                                                       Marshall Ulrich

Monday, October 17, 2011

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Where do you get your workout gear?  I have multiple sources, but if I know what I want I always check out   and usually they come up with the best prices.  Easy ordering and checking out, and really easy returning if you need to.  And that is why I became an Amazon Associate and created a "store" on my website Joy Frantz Coaching.  I have assembled a collection of workout gear and "feel good" items that I have bought and use myself, know of others who have, or that I know the brand and feel confident in the quality.

I invite you to look around...    either click on my website Joy Frantz Coaching to the right, then click on "JFC Store" in the navigation; or here: which will take you directly to the store.  I have also placed some selected items in the column to the right here.


Another Phenomenal Toronto Marathon Run - Ed Whitlock

80-year-old Canadian Ed Whitlock broke his own age-group record (3:25.40, set in Rotterdam this past April) on Sunday at the Toronto Marathon.  The time?  3:15.54!!

Whitlock, who was born in London, England later moving to Canada, ran as a teenager but quit while pursuing a career in engineering.  He took up running again in his forties and began breaking records in his sixties...  in 2000 at age 69 he was the oldest person to run the marathon distance in under three hours, with a time of 2:52:47.  The marathon isn't the only distance Whitlock runs.  He tears up the track, both indoor and out; here are some stats I found (

Outdoor - Track
Distance Age Group Time
1500m Men 80-84 5:48.93 pending
Mile: Men 75-79 5:41.80
3000m Men 75-79 11:10.43
3000m Men 80-84 12:13.56 pending
5000m Men 70-74 18:33.38 Better mark by Ron Robertson pending
5000m Men 75-79 19:07.02
5000m Men 80-84 20:58.12 pending
10000m Men 70-74 38:04.13
10000m Men 75-79 39:25.16
10000m Men 80-84 42:39.95 pending
Indoor - Track
Distance Age Group Time
1500m Men 75-79 5:20.04
1500m Men 80-84 5:48.47
3000m Men 65-69 10:11.60
3000m Men 70-74 10:52.40
3000m Men 75-79 11:17.21
3000m Men 80-84 12:00.88

Sunday, October 16, 2011

He Did It! Time - 8:11:05.9 Amazing!!

Fauja Singh has become the only person over 100 years old to complete the marathon distance, in today's Toronto Marathon, finishing in 8 hours, 11 minutes and 5.9 seconds:

Makes me smile!

Friday, October 14, 2011

100-Year-Old to Run Toronto Marathon

Joyful Morning!

Such fun this morning!  I set out on my bike to meet up with a couple girlfriends, Jane and Marie, who were going to run a bit, then swim in the ocean a bit. 

I have talked about my friend Jane before...   we trained together for many marathons years ago.  She's now in training for Ironman, coming up in about four weeks.  I've been going to the pool to swim a couple miles with her once or twice a week, and have also been going out on my bike to tag along with her at the end of her long runs.  (I won't run with her--too far and too fast for me right now.)

Marie is a terrific endurance athlete, a tiny little wonder woman!  A couple years ago she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, has undergone intense treatments, and is currently lesion free.  I had not seen her since before her diagnosis.  It was wonderful seeing her...  happily chatting away as she ran, in her seemingly effortless stride. 

We talked about our health issues, our diets, our kids, our athletic pursuits...   all upbeat and positive and genuine...

Out in the sunny SoFL October morning, beautiful!  With lovely friends...  double beautiful!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Let Go

When will I get it?  

Okay, so I did the slow three miles on Sunday.  Monday was a little sore, but went out for a walk and thought I would attempt a little jogging...   hurt too much so quit after about 30 seconds.  Tuesday's PT session, Martin was actually fine with what I did, though said three miles was probably a little too much; and to try again Wednesday and then not again till the weekend.

So, Wednesday I went out, sore and hurt a little, but determined to try again.  Well, it felt okay so I picked up the pace, and finished the three miles more than a minute per mile faster than the three miles on Sunday.  Oh, happy day, I still had it in me!

Next day, Thursday...   oh, boy, very hurt and very sore.   Just the left leg though; my right leg is perfectly fine.  Rode my bike for an hour and that was it!

This morning went over to the park, thinking, "Let the running go, just let the running go.  I can walk and enjoy being in the park this morning."  And that's what I did.  (Thanks, Jacob!)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Progress... I Think

I ran today..   I actually ran today...  Leg still hurts, hamstring tendon still is torn (I can feel it--still feels funny).  But Martin (my PT) has been telling me to try to run.  Yes, the hamstring tendon is torn, but okay, it's torn.  The pain in the front of my hip going down the front of my thigh has been a mystery.  But a couple weeks ago, after going through a bunch of testing that PT's do, I think we have hit upon something. 

This disease thing has been ongoing for years now, (years!)...   and how I walk (and run) has subtly changed...  to compensate for the pain.  Disease was in the front of the joint, so Martin theorizes that I started landing on the outside of my foot, which just threw everything else out of whack, eventually causing the hamstring tendon tear and the muscle imbalance in the front thigh (quads and sartorius), thus the strain and pain.

So, he gave me some new exercises to do, very isolated small movements, to try to get everything back to moving correctly.  Muscles in my left foot are so much weaker than my right, my ankle is turning in so much more than it should. 

For the past week I have been trying to run, and could only do about five minutes, leg hurting and just getting worse.  But today was a little different...  I decided I was just going to keep going whether it hurt or not...   and I ended up running three miles.  A very slow three miles, but nonetheless, three miles.  It hurt, and hurts now, but I think that's okay.  But I'm not sure.  I iced afterwards.  We will see how it feels tomorrow.. 

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