Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Training - Yay!!

I'm going to train. I may have to quit, but I am going to begin. The successful 5k on Saturday tells me I can do it.

Starting today, I've set out a schedule for completing the Miami Marathon in 24 weeks, using Matt Fitzgerald's Brain Training for Runners, Jack Daniels' Running Formula, my RRCA coaching classes, and my own knowledge and experience.

No time goal, just finish. Walking is okay.

From my first marathon in 1993 at age 39, and my first ultra in 2000, to my last marathon and ultra (Miami, 2004, Croom 50-Mile, 2004), I completed over 30 marathons and ultras. Now, at age 55, five years after my last marathon and ultra, I'm finally training again!

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  1. I appreciate you. You have a high spirit ....eventhough you ar at 55 now


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