Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goals Revisited

I guess it was pretty silly thinking I should run a 5k.  My hip/leg still isn't right.  I am just so darn competitive when it comes to running.  Racing should be the last thing I am thinking about.

I have been lax on my yoga and strengthening exercises.  It always happens...   I get really involved in some project, in this case it was the baby shower for my daughter, and stop the exercise routine (except for running, of course).  Then I have a hard time getting back into it.  The baby shower was no ordinary baby shower.  We had 50 of our family and friends--girls, guys and kids--at our condo, in celebration of anticipating our new baby boy's arrival, the happy parents-to-be and other various children of ours flying in from all over.  It was great fun!

So...   my goal is to make sure I do my yoga and hip/leg exercises three times a week.  That's it.  Long range goal is to be healed by the end of the year.

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