Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How We Love Our Gadgets!

All the running measuring gadgets we use these days--the GPS Garmin Forerunner, Timex's GPS Global Trainer and Bodylink, Nike +, Suunto T4 GPS--can be valuable tools in our training.  I love my Garmin Forerunner--no matter where I am I can go out for a run and know how far I went and at what pace.  It also stores all my runs and then spits all its information about each run into my computer, so I can analyze my training to my heart's content!  Before the days of Garmin, I knew generally what the distances of the routes I ran were and how fast I usually ran them.  When I traveled and went out on a run somewhere I had never been before, I would just run a certain amount of time, not knowing the distance, and write in my log that I ran "about six miles" or whatever.

Nowadays we all have our favorite device and I think it's easy to get into the habit of "over-relying" on them.  Most elite runners do not use them; they run by "feel," not needing that constant external feedback.  Your body doesn't know what a mile is--don't let a device on your wrist define your time spent running.  Use it to let you know that you are progressing in the direction you want to go--and leave it at that.  You'll enjoy your training and racing much more if you learn to run by feel.

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  1. I always find that running without my smart phone is relaxing but still love my watch, I think the good thing with devices that give exact information can be motivation for a beginner to see how far they have come and feeling good about what you have accomplished, I learnt to speak Spanish a few years ago and enjoy it when I walk past people speaking spanish and knowing what they are saying ( usually in London they are looking for directions and they are trying to figure out the tube map). this is my motivation to learn more and this can also be true for running knowing how far you have come .
    I enjoy running to also savour the time of day


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