Monday, August 6, 2012

The Olympics! So Much Fun!

I am having so much fun watching the Olympics!  I love it, I love it all--the swimming, the diving, the gymnastics, track and field, even the table tennis and beach volleyball!  I watched the women's marathon Sunday morning with my two little grandsons, Jack and Michael. They spent the night with Grandma Joy so their parents could join in their neighborhood fun of "beer Olympics" on Saturday night. I was happy to have them--love my boys!

Each of these athletes' dedication to their particular sport is so inspiring. And listening to the back stories of some of them, how they practiced what they do for hours and hours and hours and years and years...    yes, they all have talent, but it takes more, a lot lot more, than just talent to be a champion.

I believe we all have that in us, the ability to develop and be a champion in whatever it is we like to do, whether it's sports or music or cooking or our job or whatever.  A little willingness..   a little willingness..  to get out of bed at 5 in the morning to get your run in, skipping that party (or going home early) because you're meeting your running buddies in the morning for your long run, doing one more interval on the track because you're feeling so good, and you know the training is working...

Training, practicing, resting, recovering, rejoicing in victories large and small. Not stopping when we fall down or make a mistake, but picking ourselves up, evaluating what went wrong, maybe get some advice..   and going back out there.  And starting again. 

Because it's what we do. And in the end, it's all so worth it. 

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