Friday, September 11, 2009

Catching Up

South Florida was a whirlwind... home for hair and doctor appointments and babysitting my grandson while his mama was away. I did get a chance to run with my best running partner Jane.

Jane is amazing. She is training for her first Ironman, works long hours but always gets her training in. I promised to do some of her running training with her. We did a little more than eight very easy miles that Sunday after my easy trail runs. My hip/leg was fine for the most part.

Took the next three days off completely--Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday--no running, no elliptical, no swimming, no biking, nothing. (Babysat Monday and Tuesday; flew to Wisconsin, then drove with John up to northern Wisconsin on Wednesday.) You would think the time off would help my hip/leg.

But no... on the island the next day, Thursday, I went out for a run and it about killed me. Granted, there are rolling hills, and I took the downhills much too fast, but come on, they were rolling hills, not anything steep! My hip/leg blew up again. So, instead of running, I enjoyed the rest of our island time and the beautiful weather biking and hiking, and working with John on our untouched, wooded shorefront property for the weekend.

On the island...
John on the rock beach

Looking up from the beach into the woods

Sunset over the water through the trees

Back home in Milwaukee on Monday, I was able to run again, short and easy runs all week. We have had gorgeous weather for September in Wisconsin--sunny and mid-70's, just beautiful! How could I not run?

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