Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PT - I Have Hope!

The physical therapy is great! I've had two sessions and go again tomorrow.

On Friday (first session), John (the therapist) put me through all his testing and we found out just how weak my left hip muscles and hamstrings are! So, we need to isolate those muscles and strengthen them. I started out pretty easy on Friday, but today I worked a lot harder. After the session they put electrical stimulation on the places that hurt (piriformis and hamstring tendons) along with an ice pack around my hip. I also have specific exercises to do every day at home.

I am walking for an hour or two every day also. It's okay--not running. I have my ipod playing and just kinda relax for that time. And I really think this is going to help. I feel better already, but I've been taking naproxen for two weeks, so...

Anyway, I feel John, the PT, knows what he's doing, and I have hope!

Well, I will be very busy with cooking for Thanksgiving, and visiting with family for the next few days. Looking forward to spending time with my kids!

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