Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yard Work: The Perfect Cross-Training

Physical therapy is going well, but I still hurt. John ran me through his tests again on Friday. The muscles of my left hip/leg, especially the abductors and adductors, are so much weaker than the right... I didn't realize how much till now, going through the tests. I think this really shows how runners must cross-train in some way. Running is so limited in movement direction... all forward and back. Trail running helps because it does make you have to move in different directions somewhat; but I think you still need more.

I had the perfect cross-training when I first began running 17 years ago. I worked in the landscaping industry, first in the office then--because I felt I could do the work--out in the field, for 12 years. Digging, raking, planting, lifting, bending, stretching, twisting, pushing, pulling... it was a great workout! And such a sense of accomplishment when you finished! At the time, I did no cross-training--didn't need it.

Those days ended when I married my present husband and began traveling between South Florida and Wisconsin. I didn't realize how good the working outside was for me till now... both physically and mentally. I miss it.

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