Friday, April 16, 2010


I am running again!

I started while still going to physical therapy, with just a few minutes of trotting interspersed with my walks on the trails in the park.  I have been gradually doing more running than walking, and yesterday I ran six (slow) miles on the road without taking a walking break.

PT ended, but I continue with the hip-strengthening exercises.  And the yoga.  Though it is much better, I can still feel the weakness in my left hip when I do the exercises and yoga.  My lower back is still giving me trouble.  I saw my ortho doctor; he and the PT gave me the okay to start running again.  We will continue to monitor everything, and if things start to worsen instead of getting better, we'll do an MRI.  But I really think I'm on the road to some normalization now, finally.  I just have to keep doing what I'm doing.

So....  it is time to make some goals.  I have to have goals; otherwise I start to STOP doing what I am supposed to do--the yoga every day, my hip-strengthening exercises...   I say, "I'll do it tomorrow."  Then tomorrow comes, and I'm busy with things, and again say, "Well, I'll do it tomorrow."  Then I get out of the habit, and...

That never happens with running.  For some reason, I can always get myself out there.  Even if I don't necessarily want to, I do.

Goals...    I'm thinking of targeting a 5k.  Just run it.  But not unless I am better.  So, I'll think about that and make a decision about it later today.

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