Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Huaraches from Invisible Shoe - Thank You, Steven!

I'm in Wisconsin now, where we are looking at a rainy weekend and temperatures in the 40's...

It's just a long weekend here, then back home to Florida where it's nice and hot and humid!

A blog I follow, Barefoot Chronicles, recently reviewed running huaraches offered by Steven Sashen and Invisible Shoe (see review here:  I have wanted to try huaraches for a while now, so I went to Steven's Invisible Shoes website and ended up ordering a do-it-yourself kit to make my own huaraches.  You can also send Steven an outline pattern of your foot and he will make them for you, but I opted to try making them myself, and...

I did it!

My huaraches - thanks, Steven!

They are soooo cool!!  It really is like running barefoot, but with a little protective mat under your feet.  Your foot is completely free, unlike the Vibram FiveFingers where you have your toes confined in fabric.  I love the simplicity of the design and the fact that the huarache style has been around since pre-history, yet Steven uses modern materials (the rubber sole and nylon laces) that work so well.

The trails in the park are mulched and I was worried that mulch would constantly get in between my foot and the sole, but that doesn't happen.  The sole kinda conforms to the bottom of your foot; I had no problems with anything getting in between.  I am eager to try them in sand, maybe on the trails at Jonathan Dickinson.  When we hike on those sandy trails, sand gets in our shoes and ends up at the toe--really annoying.  I have worn Teva sandals also, and sand does get in and stays in.  So, I will try the huaraches next time we go up there.


  1. Hi--nice blog! I just started running in Invisible Shoes, too. They're great!

  2. Hi Joy,

    Have you had a chance to test your huaraches on the beach yet?

    I can envision some times where I might want to wear some sort of footwear on the beach, so I'm curious to know if you experience any sand chafing/irritation issues (especially in-between the toes, where the strap is) with these huaraches.

    Thanks, Joy.

    -- Bruce


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