Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Mac

I cannot believe what I did..     I knocked a glass of water over onto my Mac laptop.  Zst, and it went blank.  I cried out in anguish.  I could not, could not, believe I did that! 

That was two weeks ago. 

After the initial shock of what I had just done, I called the Apple store.  They said, "Let it sit for five days then bring it in."  I guess they had heard this before; I guess I wasn't the only one stupid enough to put a glass of water next to my Mac.

The next day, I got on a plane to Wisconsin for the weekend, then on Monday on another plane to L.A. to visit my daughter, her hubby, and my three-month-old grandson. 

So my Mac sat for almost two weeks. 

A few hours after returning to SoFL I was at the Apple store with my Mac.  We turned it on and...

it worked!!

Could not believe it!

Jeff, the kid helping me, took it in the back and opened it up--no corrosion.  He ran some tests on it--seemed okay!

Boy, did I luck out!

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