Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Mac Part 2

Well, my Mac quit again...  but then it came back!  Then it quit again...  but that last time it did not come back.  I let it sit and let it sit.  Nothing.  Bummed.

Made an appointment at my local Apple store, took it in, told the nice young man my sad story.

He said the water probably finally got to it.  And since the warranty does not cover damage from spilling liquid on your computer, it would cost me $1,240 to get it repaired.  But...  he said...   they were going to waive the repair fee.  They would repair it at no cost!

This was this past Sunday, December 26, at 5 pm.  He said he would send it in and have it shipped back to my home within seven days..  no cost to me!

Wednesday, December 29, I got a package.  It was my Mac!  All fixed up and ready to go!

Amazing!  Apple is the best!

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