Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's getting hot and humid out there--summer is right around the corner here in So FL!

I finally had surgery on my hip last Wednesday.  I saw my surgeon this morning; he said it all went very well.  He removed 16-17 little loose "bodies" and the inflamed lining.  I also had a labral tear (tear in the ring of cartilage around joint cavity) that he repaired.  I'm on crutches and have to wear a brace that keeps my leg from abducting or extending back too far.  I am also not supposed to internally rotate my leg (the labral tear was in the inside front area).  Physical therapy will begin next week--dr said six weeks, then another six weeks of more intense PT.  Then...  I can begin to get back to my running!  Yay!
My runners are doing great.  Several of them ran a local 10k this past weekend and I wanted to go.  But my husband had a terribly bad cold, bad enough for him to spend most of Sunday in bed, and I didn't think I was up to driving over to the race by myself as I was just four days post-op.  I want to get some more video of them.  There are some 5k's coming up I will go to.  I want to get some racing video and some doing things like form drills and techniques.

Here I am with my brace on...

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