Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jacksonville Marathon Sunday!

The Jacksonville Marathon is tomorrow and it is a fantastic Florida marathon--I love this marathon!

Although for some the weather may be much too warm and humid, for us South Floridians, that doesn't usually present much of a problem.  The course is 85% shaded and this year the predicted temps for Sunday couldn't be better..   45 degrees at 7 am, 62 degrees at noon.

The course is rated as one of the top ten fastest in the country as it is flat, no hills, no bridges, no overpasses, not a whole lot of turns--a great qualifier for Boston.  There is prize money for the top three overall male and female places and top masters male and female.  The field is usually somewhat competitive, though relatively small--I think around 1,000 or so run the marathon, with maybe 1,500 running the half.
                                                        Jacksonville Marathon START

The local running store, 1st Place Sports, puts on a wonderful event, very organized, well-stocked aid stations and friendly, helpful volunteers.  Because of the small size they are able to provide packet pickup on the morning of the race, which you NEVER get in a marathon anymore.  But the very coolest thing about this marathon is that it finishes on the Hodges Field track in the Skinner-Barco Stadium at The Bolles School, with the announcer calling out each finisher's name as they come into the stadium.
                                                         Jacksonville Marthon FINISH

My runner Sara will be running Jacksonville on Sunday, her second marathon.  Her training has gone very well...   she's been visualizing and using her mantras, she's done her long runs and her pace runs, she has tapered and carbo-loaded, and she is ready and raring to go!  Go, Sara, run2joy!!


  1. Congrats to Sara, 3 hour and 11 minute marathon is amazing. Congrats to her coach Joy also. I love The Jacksonville Marathon! The course is flat and fast and the finish is fun. Running into the stadium with family so close you can hear them is just so exciting as a runner. Now Sara is on her way to conquering Boston. I do believe that this is Joy's first client that will be training for Boston?

  2. Yes, Sara is on her way! She actually qualified in her first marathon, which was this past January in Miami!


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