Friday, December 23, 2011

Sara's PR in Jacksonville Marathon - 3:11!

Perfect marathon weather, great marathon course, and ready to race--Sara ran 3:11:52 in Jacksonville on Sunday, for 6th place woman overall!  I wish I could have been there to watch!  She says she felt good the entire race, stayed on pace for the most part, slowing a bit around 23 miles, but never hitting the wall, and picking it up in the last mile to finish strong!  A little sore the next day plus one little blister, but otherwise, now--five days later--she's feeling pretty good; ran a little Wednesday and a little more today. 

                         Sara at 26 miles, about to get on the track--Good form and a big smile!

                                     And here she about to cross the finish line (clock time):

A little down time to recover and enjoy the holidays, then ready for some hard training for Boston in April!

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