Monday, February 20, 2012

A1A Marathon and Half Marathon

Another hot and humid day for the A1A Marathon and Half Marathon yesterday.  At start time (6 am) it was 73 degrees with something like 85% humidity.  The temperature only went up from there to around 80 at the marathon finish, with mostly sunny skies.  It's funny--isn't it?--that a week ago Sunday we had a cold front go through (see Miles for Meso post) and it was 49 degrees at 7 am.  THEN last night a milder cool front went through, AFTER the marathon, with temps around 60 degrees this morning.  ???

Jane and Mark ran the marathon, and I ran the half.  I only began thinking about running this right after the new year, so "training" was minimal--average 30 miles per week with a couple 10-milers and a couple 12-milers for long runs.  Oh, and a torn hamstring tendon that gives me some problems.  But what the heck, my PT and ortho dr have given me the go ahead to do whatever running I want to do. 

Mark, Jane, and I ran about the first five miles together at around 9 minute pace.  I let them go as my leg was beginning to hurt and my goal was to just finish this thing running, but it was great fun for me to be running with Jane again!  I was able to keep my pace for the most part, slowing just a bit, but doing okay considering everything.  The heat was harder on the marathoners, obviously.  It was especially brutal for Mark.  He's a big guy and it is just so much more difficult to dissipate the heat when you have more bulk; it's a body mass to skin area ratio thing.

                                               Here's Jane almost to the finish..

                                     This is the best pic I got of Mark coming in to finish...

Maybe because EVERYONE ALWAYS EXPECTS it to be hot and humid, with of all that negative vibration, it ALWAYS ENDS UP being hot and humid...  we get what we expect to get.  So I have an idea...  what if next year everyone visualizes in the weeks before that we have perfect racing weather for A1A...   could help, you know...  wouldn't hurt to try, would it?

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