Monday, April 30, 2012

Transitioning into a Minimalist Shoe

Chuck asked me about transitioning into a more minimalist shoe last week.  As you know, I'm all over barefoot running and/or running in the least amount of shoe you need, so I told him:
  • Go to your local running store and try on EVERYTHING they have.
  • Most important is fit--make sure whatever shoe you get is comfortable from the get-go, no tight spots.
  • Transition slooooowly--start out a couple miles a week and gradually increase the amount of time in them, alternating with your old shoes, until you are wearing them full time.
  • Everyone is different, so whether you can even go more minimalist just depends on your past.  It might take just a couple weeks...  or much longer, so just let it be whatever it is.
I found this video on the differences between a regular running shoe and the more minimalist from a running store out west--short and straight-forward:

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