Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love, Peace, and Happiness

Jane took a week off from everything after her Ironman and has started back slowly--some running, swimming, and biking (not much, considering what she was doing in her Ironman training), and also yoga. I've started her on a weight training program to work on her strength. I also have talked her into trying to get into the Nike Free's. She has issues with her feet--shooting pain under her toes, tendinopathy in her achilles where it attaches to her heel, and had pain in one knee during her Ironman training--wears orthotics and a heel lift and very cushioned shoes... and still has those problems.

So, I decided that after her Ironman, if she was willing, we should try the minimal approach with shoes, and work on strengthening her feet. She got some Nike Free's and started out just walking in them. Now, she's running about 40 minutes every other day in them and... so far so good. No problems! It's still too soon to tell, but wouldn't it be great if it works!

Mari-Lee had an awesome race two weeks ago. Her goal event is the Miami Marathon January 31st. She started training in August and ran the Palm Beach Marathon as part of her training... and ran it in less than a minute off her PR marathon time! Along with the marathon training, she has been working with a trainer at her gym, doing running-specific exercises.

I feel I am progressing in my physical therapy. Still have pain, but I am determined to work through it till I am completely pain-free. I will be going to the Midwest for the holidays, so will have to do what I can on my own with the exercises. I have a stability ball and resistance bands I can take along when we go to John's mom's for Christmas, and the fitness room at our condo in Milwaukee has adequate equipment. I won't be able to get outside much, it's just really difficult to walk... really icy.

Probably won't get a chance to blog for a while--kids are coming in and I am having the family at our place for Christmas on Sunday. We will fly to Wisconsin on Tuesday. Then Wednesday take the train from Milwaukee to Omaha, and drive from there to Sioux City... an 11-hour journey. It will be an adventure, more fun than driving! Christmas in Sioux City then back to Milwaukee the following week.

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday with love, peace, and happiness!

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