Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Affirmations or Mantras

You can use positive affirmations, or mantras, along with your visualizing to help you achieve your goals.  Affirmations are statements you make about how you feel in the present moment.  We are actually using affirmations ALL the time, mostly without realizing it. Think about it.. Whenever you're thinking, for instance, "What a great day this is! Everything is going amazingly well!" ...that's how the whole day goes. And then there are days when you're grumpy and say to yourself, "Nothing is going right." ...and nothing goes right all day.  So, really, you want to be thinking "good" thoughts all the time!

Positive affirmations will help you all throughout your training.  Affirmations should be personal, uplifting and easy to remember so that you can easily pull one out of your memory if you hit a bad patch during a race.  My "go-to" running affirmation is, "run tall, run relaxed, run easy."  When I first started running, I read that posture and form were important in how efficient you were as a runner, so that's what I said to myself during every run.  I then developed lots of different mantras as I trained for various races, such as:
  • Light and easy all day long
  • Faster, stronger, quick light steps
  • I am powerful, light and limitless
  • Running long, running strong
  • I breathe in, I breathe out
  • I am alert as I run relaxed
  • Happy and healthy as I run; happy and healthy, this is fun
  • I am free to be me; what a joy it is to be
  • I can run all day long
  • I run for fun in the hot hot sun (for running in the SoFL summer..  thank you, Dr Seuss!)

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