Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visualize YOUR Inner Champion

The summer Olympics are not that far away, and I LOVE watching all the events!  I found this video, which actually made me think of every one of us, not just Olympic hopefuls.  We all have dreams...

You can use visualization in any area of your life.  First ask yourself what it is you really want, then get a very clear picture of it in your mind.  See yourself doing exactly what it is you want to do.  Be there...  what does it look like, what do you hear and smell?  How do you feel?  What are you thinking?  Picture it exactly as you want it to be.  See yourself happily doing what you want to do.

Here are some ways to apply it to your training:
  • Every morning before starting your day (even before getting out of bed), take a few minutes to visualize..  see yourself running relaxed and strong, even-paced.. with seeming effortlessness.  As you visualize, breathe evenly, deeply and relaxed.
  • Write down your goal(s) on post-it notes and put them in places around your house where you will see them often... the bathroom mirror, your closet door, the refrigerator, the front door.  Confidently see yourself accomplishing those goals.
  •  If you have a specific goal race time, visualize yourself running your race at your goal pace with ease; see the finish line coming into view and marvel at how great you feel as you pick it up to run strong right through the finish with time to spare.
  • Visualize during your training runs.  If you know the race course, see yourself on the course, first at the start line, ready and knowing you have prepared well.  See the mile markers as you come upon them, a little surprised that you're there already... see the other runners around you, smile and give a nod as in, "Isn't this fun!?!"
  • Visualize just before you go to sleep at night; see yourself again running effortlessly, smoothly, light and easy.
Choose YOUR goal; know in your mind that you can, then do what it takes to get there.

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