Monday, October 26, 2009

Nike Free

Thinking about the Nike Free, and how it didn't fit me... I thought I would try again, going up another half size. The first time I tried them, they were okay length-wise but too small width-wise, so I thought if I got a half size larger they would be too long. Well, I got them, the larger size, and wore them on Saturday, and they are great! They seemed a little long when I put them on, but they are okay running. In fact, they fit like a glove in the back and instep; my foot does not move at all in them.

My new Nike Free's

I have been doing my resistance workouts twice a week (not three times a week). I have a hard time getting myself to do it, but once I do, it makes me feel better... stronger.

I go home to Florida tomorrow. A cool front went through while I have been gone... right on schedule--mid-October. Instead of being in the low 90's, it's now mid to upper 80's and less humid... beautiful!! I am soooo looking forward to it! It is so hit and miss here. Today it is raining again, and I just can't get myself to go out and run in the cold rain. Elliptical again today.

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