Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Also Running New York - Michael Wardian

Michael Wardian...   37 years old, married and father of two little boys, employed full-time as a ship broker...     and one of the best distance runners in the world right now.  His list of running accomplishments goes on and on and on.  Currently...

2nd place at 2011-Disney Marathon
3rd place at 2011-ING Miami Marathon
14th place at Empire State Building Run Up
1st place at 2011 Lower Potomac Marathon-set Guinness World Record-Fastest Marathon as Superhero (Spider Man)
3rd place at 2011 Shamrock Marathon
1st place at 2011 National Marathon (5 time winner)
19th place at Two Oceans Marathon (56K)-First USA
11th place at Comrades Marathon (87K)-First USA
3rd place at The North Face Endurance Challenge-50 Miler
1st place at The North Face Endurance Challenge-1/2 Marathon
13th place and Olympic Trails Qualifier (2:17:49)-Grandma’s Marathon
3rd Place at Badwater Ultra Marathon
1st Place at Grant and Pierce Indoor Marathon (4 days after Badwater)
1st Place at San Francisco Marathon
1st Place at The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K-Kansas City
1st Place at The North Face Endurance Challenge 1/2 Marathon-Kansas City
2nd Place at the Kauai Marathon
2nd Place and Silver Medalist at 100K World Championships and First ever Team Gold Medal for 100K World Team for USA-The Netherlands
2nd Place at the Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100K

Wardian was named USATF Athlete of the Week last week after winning the USA 50-Mile Championship at Tussey Mountainback in Boalsburgh, PA, in a time of 5:33:46.  He has qualified for the Olympic Trials with a 2:17:49 this past June at Grandma's Marathon in Minnesota.  Wardian will be toeing the line in New York this Sunday.

                                          Michael Wardian Wins Tussey Mountainback 50-Mile
But the COOLEST thing about Wardian is his graciousness, his attitude toward his running, his confidence, his spirit, his genuineness...   An excerpt from an interview with Jerry Armstrong on the blog Conversations with the Trail (

" Q: Many people say they are too busy to stay active. You are a full-time employee and father of two young boys...can you briefly share the daily schedule that allows you to be a high level athlete and dad?

A: I think you can always do more than you think you can do and you need to explore your limits and I try to live this way. I wake up early...usually around 5:00am or earlier if I need to. I normally run on the treadmill, so I can help with the guys. Then I either run or ride my bike to work. At work, I run at lunch and run or ride my bike home. After I get home, I normally am done with training and "on-duty" with the boys and my wife, Jennifer.

Q: What advice to you have for athletes who compete in marathon or ultrarunning? Do you feel that, generally, athletes could improve if they focused in one area....perhaps mileage, intensity, consistency, diet, or another area?

A: I think the biggest area that is going to gain you improvement, or at least it has for me, is to be consistent.

Q: Athletes all over the world are going to read this interview before heading out for their daily training run. What would you like to them?

A: I would suggest that everyone think about one super cool, outrageous goal/dream and then go for it.  It motivates me to try and explore my limits and choose lofty goals and I hope my adventures can inspire others to do more than they think they can.

Michael, thank you.. Your advice means a lot because you truly live by example. Thank you for sharing your time with us.  On behalf of all the athletes who will read our interview...good luck in your upcoming races. We will be cheering for you!"

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