Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dreaming of Ultras

Now that I am running again--not a lot and definitely not fast--I've been thinking about what I might be able to do in the future.  For so long it seemed like I would never even run again, much less anything long, but I'm running every other day 5-6 miles now, still have issues and pain, but seems to be getting better.  Two months ago, when my PT gave me the go-ahead to try to run, I couldn't even run two minutes before the pain was too much, I had to stop and walk.  So, I jogged for one minute and walked five, jogged one, walked five...   for 20 minutes.  I gradually added more jogging, less walking, and for 30 minutes, then 40 minutes and so on.  And now, here I am running 6 miles, slow but steady!

So, of course, I'm thinking of marathons and ultras, especially ultras!  I really don't care if I can run fast or not, just being out there, running through the woods all day long...  ahhh, heaven! 

Looking around at events for the Fall of 2012, I came across a bit of news in the ultra world.  The fastest 50-mile time for 2011 in the US was achieved by Zach Bitter on October 22, at the Door County Fall Classic in northern Wisconsin.  The 25-year-old teacher from Marinette, WI, won the race in 5:26:52 (a 6:33 average pace).  Alisha Damrow, from Menasha, WI, won the women's race in 6:57:22.

                                                        Zach Bitter Winning the Fall 50

                                              Door County Pennisula and the Fall 50 Route

                                                             And the Elevation Profile

The "Fall 50" bills itself as "the MOST Scenic Distance Run in the Midwest," and I TOTALLY believe it.  Door County is BEAUTIFUL--especially Washington Island, which is at the very northern tip of Door County peninsula and can only be reached by ferry.  Here are a few pics I took the last time John and I were up there.

It's probably WAAAY too soon to have all this on my mind, but what the heck, I can dream, can't I?


  1. You can dream and you can do it. Go slow,you haven't tried that before. I believe that you can run again but you have to heal yourself first and that is going to take awhile. RELAX and enjoy the journey. We are so lucky that we can run at all. Maybe we could do this race together?
    Do not fall out of your chair because I actually posted on your blog. I am trying new things. Haha!
    I too am looking forward to the day when you will be running an Ultra race. If I am not running it with you, I hope to be running you in at the finish.

  2. Thanks, Jane! You are always an inspiration to me!


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