Friday, November 18, 2011

Penguin-Stepping My Way Back to Running

My running is coming along...    I actually believe I will run long again.

I had lost my faith for a while; it seemed like nothing was helping me heal...   but I am and have been seeing progress for a couple months now.  I wanted it to be instantaneous, like I would be running marathons in six months, right back into it.  Well, that was silly, wasn't it?  I stopped running last December when the pain in my leg was just too much, finally had the surgery March 31, recovered from surgery...    but that was just the beginning.  Finally figuring out, with my PT Martin, what was REALLY going on with my whole leg and slooowly getting it back into a normal groove.  First I had to know WHERE and WHAT the problem was, and then I had to do the RIGHT exercises to CORRECT the problem.  I wasn't healing because I didn't see the problem and wasn't doing the exercises to correct the problem.  And THEN I wasn't giving it TIME.  In this world it takes time to heal...  and I always want it NOW, so impatient..

So, I am learning to take penguin steps...   as in the film documentary, March of the Penguins...

The original film was a French nature documentary following the annual journey of the Antarctic emperor penguins, directed and co-written by Luc Jacquet and co-produced by Bonne Pioche and the National Geographic Society.

Here's a French trailer I found (the original French version was called March of the Emperor)...  funny!

I am penguin-stepping my way to new life  :-)
     (Thanks, Jacob! xoxo)

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