Thursday, November 10, 2011


That's what my husband says... he loves to row. He had a rowboat some time ago, but we ended up having to let it go... storage was a problem. We live in a condo where the condo commandos rule. We tried everything to try to not have it be a problem, an "eyesore," but in the end, they won.

But he LOVED his rowboat.  He would say, as he headed out the door on a Sunday afternoon with those long oars, "I'm going out to row to joy."

My husband likes to run, he likes to swim, he likes to kayak, he likes to walk... but he loves to row. He loves the upper body workout he gets from it, that he can row really, really hard if he wants to, or not so much but just in a nice rhythm for a while. He threw the discus in high school and went to college on a track scholarship throwing the discus, so he has that overall body coordination thing. (Which I do not have at all; that's why I run long distance... no coordination required.)

Now, here's a secret: the very best workout machine at the gym is...       the rowing machine. You use every major muscle group in the body without pounding the joints, and you can burn more energy per hour than either running or swimming. Granted, there is a technique to it, you have to practice a little to get the hang of it. But, if you live where you're heading into cold, snowy winter weather where you might not be able to get out and run... instead of doing the same old treadmill run, try out the rowing machine at the gym. You'll find it over there out of the way...   with no one using it.

John rowing...

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