Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Phenomenal Toronto Marathon Run - Ed Whitlock

80-year-old Canadian Ed Whitlock broke his own age-group record (3:25.40, set in Rotterdam this past April) on Sunday at the Toronto Marathon.  The time?  3:15.54!!

Whitlock, who was born in London, England later moving to Canada, ran as a teenager but quit while pursuing a career in engineering.  He took up running again in his forties and began breaking records in his sixties...  in 2000 at age 69 he was the oldest person to run the marathon distance in under three hours, with a time of 2:52:47.  The marathon isn't the only distance Whitlock runs.  He tears up the track, both indoor and out; here are some stats I found (

Outdoor - Track
Distance Age Group Time
1500m Men 80-84 5:48.93 pending
Mile: Men 75-79 5:41.80
3000m Men 75-79 11:10.43
3000m Men 80-84 12:13.56 pending
5000m Men 70-74 18:33.38 Better mark by Ron Robertson pending
5000m Men 75-79 19:07.02
5000m Men 80-84 20:58.12 pending
10000m Men 70-74 38:04.13
10000m Men 75-79 39:25.16
10000m Men 80-84 42:39.95 pending
Indoor - Track
Distance Age Group Time
1500m Men 75-79 5:20.04
1500m Men 80-84 5:48.47
3000m Men 65-69 10:11.60
3000m Men 70-74 10:52.40
3000m Men 75-79 11:17.21
3000m Men 80-84 12:00.88

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