Friday, October 14, 2011

Joyful Morning!

Such fun this morning!  I set out on my bike to meet up with a couple girlfriends, Jane and Marie, who were going to run a bit, then swim in the ocean a bit. 

I have talked about my friend Jane before...   we trained together for many marathons years ago.  She's now in training for Ironman, coming up in about four weeks.  I've been going to the pool to swim a couple miles with her once or twice a week, and have also been going out on my bike to tag along with her at the end of her long runs.  (I won't run with her--too far and too fast for me right now.)

Marie is a terrific endurance athlete, a tiny little wonder woman!  A couple years ago she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, has undergone intense treatments, and is currently lesion free.  I had not seen her since before her diagnosis.  It was wonderful seeing her...  happily chatting away as she ran, in her seemingly effortless stride. 

We talked about our health issues, our diets, our kids, our athletic pursuits...   all upbeat and positive and genuine...

Out in the sunny SoFL October morning, beautiful!  With lovely friends...  double beautiful!

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