Sunday, October 2, 2011

Progress... I Think

I ran today..   I actually ran today...  Leg still hurts, hamstring tendon still is torn (I can feel it--still feels funny).  But Martin (my PT) has been telling me to try to run.  Yes, the hamstring tendon is torn, but okay, it's torn.  The pain in the front of my hip going down the front of my thigh has been a mystery.  But a couple weeks ago, after going through a bunch of testing that PT's do, I think we have hit upon something. 

This disease thing has been ongoing for years now, (years!)...   and how I walk (and run) has subtly changed...  to compensate for the pain.  Disease was in the front of the joint, so Martin theorizes that I started landing on the outside of my foot, which just threw everything else out of whack, eventually causing the hamstring tendon tear and the muscle imbalance in the front thigh (quads and sartorius), thus the strain and pain.

So, he gave me some new exercises to do, very isolated small movements, to try to get everything back to moving correctly.  Muscles in my left foot are so much weaker than my right, my ankle is turning in so much more than it should. 

For the past week I have been trying to run, and could only do about five minutes, leg hurting and just getting worse.  But today was a little different...  I decided I was just going to keep going whether it hurt or not...   and I ended up running three miles.  A very slow three miles, but nonetheless, three miles.  It hurt, and hurts now, but I think that's okay.  But I'm not sure.  I iced afterwards.  We will see how it feels tomorrow.. 

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