Friday, October 7, 2011

Let Go

When will I get it?  

Okay, so I did the slow three miles on Sunday.  Monday was a little sore, but went out for a walk and thought I would attempt a little jogging...   hurt too much so quit after about 30 seconds.  Tuesday's PT session, Martin was actually fine with what I did, though said three miles was probably a little too much; and to try again Wednesday and then not again till the weekend.

So, Wednesday I went out, sore and hurt a little, but determined to try again.  Well, it felt okay so I picked up the pace, and finished the three miles more than a minute per mile faster than the three miles on Sunday.  Oh, happy day, I still had it in me!

Next day, Thursday...   oh, boy, very hurt and very sore.   Just the left leg though; my right leg is perfectly fine.  Rode my bike for an hour and that was it!

This morning went over to the park, thinking, "Let the running go, just let the running go.  I can walk and enjoy being in the park this morning."  And that's what I did.  (Thanks, Jacob!)

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